Government Affairs, Policy, Advocacy, Engagement

Jeannine Pearce

You deserve a seat at the table when decisions are being made about your industry, your project or public policy. We work to ensure your perspective is heard by decision-makers at local, state, and federal levels, and that your perspective is supported by research. Our policy and advocacy team brings over 20 years of public policy experience, which includes research, strategic planning, drafting policy, power analysis training, and advocacy.
Community Engagement
We build community support, coalitions, and organizations from the ground up. Community engagement is a community-centered orientation based on dialogue. Community engagement enables a more contextualized understanding of community members' perspectives, to build support for the policy, projects, programs, or city budget items. Community Engagement done well can ensure your advocacy is a success.

Political Campaigns & Fundraising

Jeannine Pearce Political Campaign Consulting We lead with our values. We will consult on campaigns that focus on building racial, gender, and economic equity. Gathering Endorsements, supporting fundraising efforts, and assisting in field strategy, campaign management and volunteer coordinating to ensure we build equitable communities.

Jeannine Pearce

Leadership Development & Team Development

Board & Commissioner Support This is a program that supports community members through 1:1 coaching or an organization that would like to support their members in becoming advocates within local government structures and readies them to serve on city, county, or state boards and commissions. Includes strategy and policy support.

Strategic planning, Coalition Building, Training for Elected Leaders and teams :
FIERCE Courage Consulting

Value-Based Hiring
Too often companies hire based on years of experience and skill sets. Research today shows that a “Good Hire” is one that shares your organization’s vision that will commit to the goals of the organization, as a result of the shared alignment in vision and values. Value-Based hiring refers to identifying your organization’s Core Values, Aspirational values, and Permission-to-Play Values and then applying a Value-Based interview Process before spending excess dollars on an employee that leaves for lack of shared culture and values
Strategic Planning
Engaging your organization’s board and staff is critical in any strategic planning process and when done thoroughly, can launch your organization into a successful future. We at Fierce Courage Consulting are able to facilitate a thoughtful engaging process with all stakeholders for your organization using various tools and facilitation.
Difficult Conversations
We all have conversations we have been wanting to put off, be with staff, community members, elected officials, or someone close. We at Fierce Courage Consulting provides training and one on one coaching to provide the tools and skills to have productive, respectful difficult conversations. When we move past our fear, have courage, we lead with integrity and make strides towards a more just and equitable community. Difficult conversations are at the root of this shift.