Courage Camp

The State Of The District FIERCE Courage Consulting goes beyond other consulting firms, bringing women and girls together for Courage Camp, where we bring together meditation, self-reflection, coaching for transformation together with outdoor activities like Kayaking, hiking, and stargazing. Courage is stepping into your fear, trusting that you might fail, and doing it anyways. These are booked once a year or on request for groups of 5 or more.

Fortitude Fellowship Program

Jeannine Pearce

Fortitude Fellowship Program is designed to support women, girls and all progressives in building their skills and confidence in the pursuit of justice. Working to change our community is never easy, and takes focus and fortitude. The Fortitude Fellowship Program is designed to build a bench of progressive leaders through leadership development, political campaign training including volunteer coordinating, campaign management, and call time management. Fellows will also learn about research and public policy and be placed with a non-profit or government office for 3-6 months gaining hands-on experience.

Our fellows come from neighborhoods, high schools, colleges, and referrals. If you would like to apply for the program please email your resume and cover letter.
If you are a professor, a non-profit, or an elected official who would like to partner with us, please click here.


Jeannine Pearce

  • Ballot Measure: Living Wage 2012
  • Candidate: Councilwoman Pearce
  • Policy: Measure W
  • Leadership Development: Long Beach Rising